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Parts Life, Inc. Value Added Engineering Solves DMSMS Obsolescence to Support Mission Readiness

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Parts Life, Inc. Engineering Team

First article approved! PLI is committed to providing high-quality parts that meet and exceed OEM specifications. Our engineering team has been working on reverse engineering and manufacturing the ALCM Engine Inlet Seal. Designed decades ago, the seal was subject to several obsolescence and DMSMS challenges, making it impossible to manufacture to OEM specifications.

5R Engineering Manager Mike Bray tests Vapor Barrier

“It took a lot of hard work and dedication by our team to complete this project,” said 5R Engineering Manager Mike Bray. “The seal utilizes a moisture barrier to help protect its integrity so that during its lifetime, no degradation occurs to the seal. That moisture barrier itself is an obsolete item, so PLI was tasked with finding a new material that both met the requirements of the original material and the new customer requirements based on the original seals performance. Through our value-added engineering process, team members collaborated on research, design, testing, and FTIR analysis and comparison and manufactured the seal to exceed the OEMs requirements.”

Several Iterations of the Seals

All technical drawings, specifications, and inspection data was completed in-house in our reverse engineering and testing facilities and submitted for approval. The seals were tested and approved through the Defense Logistics Agency, Tinker Airforce Base Engineering Support Activity and Boeing’s Advanced Research Center.

As an obsolescence & DMSMS solutions provider, Parts Life, Inc. is committed to supporting military readiness by reverse engineering missing or obsolete technical data to quickly develop and manufacture prototypes, first article pieces, and source approved parts and components. Our value-added reverse engineering processes address missing, or incomplete technical data needed prior to the manufacturing process. Services, such as R.O.P.E. and 5R deliver manufacturable data with source approval to manufacture replacement parts.



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