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Affordable Alternate to Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

Over the past several years Parts Life, Inc. has successfully developed a number of SAR packages to address obsolescence issues within the fleet. In many cases, we have been able to provide value engineering as the data, specifications and materials were outdated and required modernization.

Not only is Parts Life, Inc. becoming an approved source through the SAR process, we have also developed full manufacturing capability for these parts and components.  Often, first article pieces are required, proving out manufacturability, ultimately meeting and exceeding the original requirements of the OEM. 

The SARs were developed specifically to address obsolescence and DMSMS parts and components for mission-critical assets. By providing an alternate source, replacement parts and components are easier for our customers to procure, helps in extending the life of our customer's expensive and mission-critical assets, improves readiness, and keeps our country safe.


From its inception, Parts Life, Inc. has provided obsolete components and parts for a variety of military platforms. Many of these components are critically needed for the larger projects and platforms, and directly affect mission readiness rates. The parts and components, from bolts to bearings to seals, span a variety of platforms including the TF-33 components on the B-52, F/A-18, F-107 engines and the ALCM, and the MK 48 Submarine Missile. We’re proud to continue to support the Department of Defense, warfighter, and U.S. taxpayer. 

Why Choose Parts Life, Inc.?


Parts Life, Inc. ensures quality to our customers through:

  • A proven track record of producing identical or similar items that meet or exceed government and commercial requirements.

  • Testing regimes designed to ensure the product meets all service and operating environmental requirements.

  • Industry-wide best practice qualifications in product manufacturing to levels of quality equivalent to or exceeding that of the OEM. 

  • An active and continuous process improvement culture reflecting the PLI zero-defect standard.

  • The expertise to create any technical data package.

  • Flexible DMSMS & obsolescence solutions for military parts

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