Affordable Alternate to Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

Parts Life, Inc.’s experience includes developing Source Approval Request (SAR) packages and IAW Categories I, II, and III requirements per the DLA’s AO/SAR process. We have demonstrated the capability of manufacturing an item, including critical safety items, to a level of quality equivalent to or exceeding that of the OEM. Our past performance includes DLA approval as a source of components on expensive mission-critical assets such as the Aegis Weapon System, Naval Vessels, and Humvees.

Parts Life, Inc. is an affordable alternative to relying upon OEM’s to fulfill part requirements. Our execution model includes manufacturing capabilities development, application of industry-proven methodologies such as DIRTFT (Doing It Right The First Time) and PONC (Price Of Non-Conformance), along with established processes that meet or exceed DCMA Inspection At Origin standards, makes us the obvious OEM alternative for our Customers. 


Why Choose Parts Life, Inc.?


Parts Life, Inc. ensures quality to our customers through:

  • A proven track record of producing identical or similar items that meet or exceed government and commercial requirements.

  • Testing regimes designed to ensure the product meets all service and operating environmental requirements.

  • Industry-wide best practice qualifications in product manufacturing to levels of quality equivalent to or exceeding that of the OEM. 

  • An active and continuous process improvement culture reflecting the PLI zero-defect standard.

  • The expertise to create any technical data package.

  • Flexible DMSMS & obsolescence solutions for military parts