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Reverse Engineering
& Dimensioning. Build in Place Obsolescence & DMSMS Solutions.

 Introducing the EEPIC lab, or Engineering and Electronic Product Innovation Center. This fully transportable, on-site reverse engineering laboratory travels to your secure part or location anywhere in the world, serving Space, Air, Land, Sea, and Subsea.  Now you can have Parts Life, Inc.'s world class technical reverse engineering and manufacturing expertise services, no matter your location. The result? Faster replacement parts and components without losing time or having to give up existing parts for evaluation. Fleet and operational readiness on demand? That's truly EEPIC. 

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Engineering and Electronic Product Innovation Center


EEPIC Electronic and Mechanical Sample Capabilities

Portable CMM and Laser Probe Arm

The portable CMM and Laser probe arm expand our in-house and on-site inspection and reverse engineering capability.   It allows us to take accurate and detailed measurements of large or complex objects, parts, equipment etc securely, on base, or in situ.  This also allows easy transfer of information for the creation of models and drawings.

Wiring Harness and Electrical Reverse Engineering Equipment 

Equipment and capabilities include a high-voltage cable and harness tester and adapter that allows it to be used with any kind of wire harness and cable assembly. The Time Delay Reflectometry kit allows for the inspection and testing of cables, wires, coils, and harnesses used to accurately measure the length of individual wires or cables.

PCB Schematic Learning System

The Schematic Learning System can create a circuit diagram of PCB boards or circuit cards. It identifies the start and end points of each component pin, identifying the board routing configurations, allowing our team to replicate boards and cards. 

X-Ray Inspection System

High-performance x-ray inspection system designed for real time imaging of PCBs and dense metal BGAs, and μBGAs.  High voltage x-ray tube can detect a variety of defects including bridging, voids, and missing balls. 

Electronic Testing and Evaluation Equipment

Our full scale electronic reverse engineering capabilities include a power source to duplicate system power requirements and conditions and a RMS digital multi meter capable of measuring voltage, current, resistance, and temperature. A digital oscilloscope graphically displays varying voltages of one or more signals as a function of requirements, to capture information on electrical signals for debugging, analysis or characterization of signals.   

Mechanical Testing and Evaluation Equipment

A variety of testing equipment includes a portable hardness tester for a broad range of materials. An XRF (X-ray florescence) and FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) are used for material analysis   

3D Printer for Sample Parts

With full dimensioning equipment and CAD software inside the EEPIC, our engineers print samples for form and fit on site in real time. 

Vector Signal Generator

The signal generator is a necessary piece of equipment for the inspection, function checking, and diagnosis of any radio equipment.  This includes, but is not limited to: transmitters, transceivers, antenna, amplifiers, or as a base load for inspecting shielded cables. 

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