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ROPE Rapid Obsolescence Planning and Execution Parts Life Inc

DMSMS is an enormous strain on those tasked with maintaining aging military assets in the face of dwindling parts supplies.

As the strategic gap widens between new emerging systems and old systems still being used, the military is being asked to determine sustainable solutions for assets used far past their intended lifespan. Lifecycle sustainment has become a major focus on expensive and mission-critical assets for our customers. Parts Life, Inc. provides the engineering, manufacturing, and 3PL support needed to sustain, upgrade, and expand the life of your assets, facilitating and enhancing system readiness. Parts Life, Inc. is a leader in life cycle sustainment management. 

Reverse Engineering Quality Lab Parts Life Inc

The Challenge: DMSMS


One of the most pressing challenges facing the U. S. military and program managers is rapid obsolescence. As sequestration and other factors drive military budget reductions, the Department of Defense is requiring legacy weapons platforms to perform well beyond their anticipated lifespans. The predictable result is Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortage (DMSMS)—the increasing scarcity of spare parts for expensive, mission-critical assets. ​


The Solution: R.O.P.E®


In response to DMSMS concerns, Parts Life, Inc. has developed the Rapid Obsolescence Planning and Execution service (R.O.P.E.®).This methodology marries repair and remanufacturing, as well as the ability to provide quick-turn response, project guidance, and program management. R.O.P.E.® enables cradle-to-grave asset optimization—a permanent solution to rapid obsolescence, with a particular focus on implementation. Through the R.O.P.E.® methodology, Parts Life, Inc. acts as the central catalyst in an extended network of suppliers, designers, DMS managers, and other stakeholders.

Remanufacturing Wiring Harnesses Parts Life Inc
  • Obsolescence Resolution Value Chain

  • Obsolescence Management 

  • Lifetime Support for Life of the Asset 

  • Conventional/ Additive Manufacturing Solutions 

  • Extensive ASAR Capability 

  • Strategic Sourcing Strategy 

  • Obsolescence Resolution Engineering Analysis (OREA)

  • Customized Parts Solutions

  • Life Cycle Sustainment

  • Service Life Extenesion

  • Lifetime Support for each & every part


  • R.O.P.E.® typically begins with an analysis of parts lists/bills of materials to determine the optimum obsolescence management strategy for a given asset.

  • Each part has a “remaining useful life,” or “expected time to failure” assigned to it. Each part also requires a method for procuring replacement parts. Our analysis and obsolescence management strategy enable this planning, as well as optimizing for cost and other parameters.

  • Parts Life, Inc. is currently one of the only enterprises dedicated to providing obsolescence solutions, and we are the exclusive provider of the R.O.P.E.® methodology.

  • ROPE Rapid Obsolescence Planning And Execution Parts Life Inc
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