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ROPE Rapid Obsolescence Planning and Execution Parts Life Inc

DMSMS & Obsolescence Dilemma: Sustaining Military Systems with Diminishing Part & Component Supplies 

As the strategic gap widens between emerging and legacy military systems, the need to develop sustainable lifecycle management solutions has never been more critical. Parts Life, Inc. provides the engineering, manufacturing, and logistical support needed to sustain, upgrade, and extend the life of your assets, facilitating and enhancing system readiness. Our expertise in lifecycle sustainment management positions us at the forefront of ensuring system readiness and sustainability, offering a strategic pathway to maintain, upgrade, and prolong the usability of mission-critical assets in an era of rapid technological evolution.


The Challenge: DMSMS


One of the most pressing challenges facing the U.S. military and program managers is rapid obsolescence. As sequestration and other factors drive military budget reductions, the Department of Defense is requiring legacy weapons platforms to perform well beyond their anticipated lifespans. The predictable result is Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortage (DMSMS)—the increasing scarcity of spare parts for expensive, mission-critical assets.

The Solution: R.O.P.E®

In response to DMSMS concerns, Parts Life, Inc. has developed the Rapid Obsolescence Planning and Execution Method, or R.O.P.E.®. A methodology rooted in producing tangible results, R.O.P.E.  is a comprehensive strategy designed to address every facet of obsolescence management and provide users with manufacturable technical data to reproduce parts and components. With an impressive portfolio of several hundred approved NSNs for the DLA, Air Force, and Navy, PLI demonstrates its expertise and commitment for manufacturing parts and components.


With the goal of providing customers with much needed parts and components, R.O.P.E. is a proactive approach to obsolescence resolution. By leveraging the power of the 5R Solution—Reverse Engineer, Replicate, Repair, Remanufacture, and Recertify—PLI confronts obsolescence head-on, ensuring that every DMSMS resolution meets the highest standards of quality and functionality.

  • Obsolescence Resolution Value Chain

  • Obsolescence Management 

  • Lifetime Support for Life of the Asset 

  • Conventional/ Additive Manufacturing Solutions 

  • Extensive SAR Capability 

  • Strategic Sourcing 

  • Obsolescence Resolution Engineering Analysis (OREA)

  • Customized Parts Solutions

  • Life Cycle Sustainment

  • Service Life Extension

  • Lifetime Support for Every Part & Component

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