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EAGL Lab Reverse Engineering Mobility Team


Engineering Agility Global Lifecycle Laboratory

The World's
First Mobile

Introducing the newest member of our fleet, the EAGL Lab. The EAGL (Engineering Agile Global Lifecycle) Laboratory is the nation’s most comprehensive on-site reverse engineering mobile facility specifically developed to perform critical analysis of materials, finishes and accurately measure geometric characteristics and dimensions of parts which must remain secured or are otherwise unavailable for transport.

At Parts Life, Inc. we are constantly challenging ourselves to develop innovative solutions for our customers, and we believe that the EAGL Lab will help solve challenging Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) and obsolescence issues for our customers- we strive to be the “easy” button our customers truly need. We are honored to defend freedom by supporting the US warfighter and add value for the taxpayer.

Benefits of EAGL Mobile Engineering Laboratory

Reverse Engineering Mobility Team
  • Create Full TDP From On-site Government Samples

  • 3D Print Facsimile Samples On-site Inside Lab for Form & Fit

  • Chemical Analysis & Material Verifcation for Components & Finishes

  • Ability to View & Assess Parts Without Taking Possession

  • Ability to Visit Depots to Review Parts

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