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SamT Network Launch

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Press Release September 5th, 2017

Media contact: Chris Small,

Parts Life, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of President & CEO Sam Thevanayagam's website and brand: SamTnetwork.

“Begin where you are, just begin. Through this site I hope to mentor, encourage and build confidence in people like you, aspiring leaders, entrepreneurs, underdogs, beginners and outliers to help you reach your God-given potential and to see opportunities in unexpected places.

I believe that leaders and entrepreneurs are made, not born. Values such as hard work, grit, empathy, compassion, continuous improvement and stewardship are covered here as some of the tools I’ve used to help build my business, family and community.”

Check out the site at, and be sure to like and follow @samtnetwork on social media for upcoming events, updates, and resources.



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