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Imagining the Possible this National Engineering Week, Parts Life, Inc. Value Added Engineering

The theme of National Engineering week is “Imagining the Possible”, something that the Parts Life, Inc. Family of Companies knows well. Engineering and manufacturing are the heart of our business’, and engineering activities vary across our family of companies.

Our engineering services branch, Parts Life, Inc. focuses on solving procurement issues for obsolescence and dmsms components, unavailable for a variety of reasons. Using reverse engineering processes, our team is able to produce technical data packages, source approvals, and manufacture prototypes in our prototype integration facility. Design engineering, value-added engineering, manufacturing engineering and quality engineering all play a part in our processes.

On the manufacturing side, DeVal’s engineering services focus primarily on the optimization of full-scale manufacturing and production processes. LC Engineers manufactures electro-mechanical assemblies and wiring harnesses/assemblies. Every function in our manufacturing plants is designed to support engineering and manufacturing related activities, including industrial, maintenance, design, sourcing and plant engineering.

In response to our customer’s engineering and mission readiness demands, Parts Life, Inc. has developed the 5R Solution, a proven method for addressing and correcting demand in military systems for reverse engineering, remanufacturing, repair, recertification, and replication. From Non-Destructive Testing, required to make sure each component is repaired to specification, to material analysis and value-added engineering to upgrade the repaired unit, our teams continues to find innovative ways to quickly and effectively support the US war fighter, the platform’s program manager and the US tax payer.



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