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7 Pillars of a Good Program

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Press Release September 1st, 2017

Media contact: Chris Small,

During our time together, VADM Joseph Dyer (Ret) Former Commander NAVAIR helped us to identify 7 pillars of a successful program. He said that “Program success is made difficult by missing any one of these; Missing two does not lead to a good place.”

Take a look at what he identifies as the pillars of a successful program:

  1. A well understood requirement with flow down to performance, spec and temp

  2. A genuine integrated schedule with associated Earned Value Management

  3. An independent cost estimate that includes sustainment! (one that isn’t part of the missionary movement where folks are trying to sell a program and to force fit it within available funds)

  4. Genuinely sufficient and stable funding

  5. A culture of drawing in outside competency (from the contractor, from the syscom, from academia)

  6. A willingness to ask the hard questions and the courage and energy to not quit until you gain understanding

  7. A recognition that it takes requirements, resources, and acquisition, all working together, to get the dog to hunt



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