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Navigating Obsolescence: Unveiling the Power of R.O.P.E. (Rapid Obsolescence Planning & Execution) DMSMS Resolution Process

Parts Life’s motto is Obsolescence Solved, and our mission is To Serve the Warfighter and U.S. Taxpayer. Rapid Obsolescence Planning & Execution Solution, or R.O.P.E., is Parts Life’s process to fulfil our motto and mission.


R.O.P.E. is our response to obsolescence and part shortages preventing mission readiness of  major defense systems and subsystems in the Department of Defense inventory. A comprehensive, six gated, process progresses through each step to ensure reliability, extending the life of mission critical assets and ensuring mission readiness. Our registered methodology includes replication, repair, and remanufacturing possibilities along with SAR, prototype, LRIP, and full rate production options. You receive clear direction and guidance for asset readiness and optimization from for the life of the system.

The R.O.P.E.® process accommodated every aspect of DMSMS and obsolescence challenges, providing comprehensive, fully customized full-service support for even the oldest assets. It enables swift, quality-driven responses to obsolescence concerns, ensuring cost-effectiveness. By emphasizing robust engineering processes, broad market sourcing, and strategic procurement, we increase mission readiness rates and achieve performance goals.


What is ROPE?


From initial analysis of component availability, through the process of data and prototype development, Parts Life supports a DMSMS effort through providing production units to the customer for the sustainment of an asset. Parts Life’s capabilities include customized parts solutions, life cycle sustainment, service life extension, and lifetime support for every part our company supports, for the life of the asset.


At Gate 1 we evaluate and determine what technical data and/or sample parts are available. Does the customer own the TDP? Is it complete and manufacturable? Is a spare or unserviceable part available? Parts Life Engineers launch an Obsolescence Resolution Engineering Analysis, or OREA evaluation. Answers in Gate 1 set the direction and scope of the solution effort.


When available technical data has been secured or sample parts have been procured, our team moves onto the reverse engineering process in Gate 2. Steps include identifying components, creating a bill of materials, measuring dimensions, determining tolerances & upgrade/optimization potential, creating CAD models, developing technical drawings/schematics, determining material properties and software/firmware requirements, creating assembly instructions, incorporating Engineering change data, testing requirements & validation, and additive manufacturing for rapid prototyping form and fit validation. Every part and component is digitally assembled before moving forward with prototype development.


The deliverable of Gate 2 is a complete, fully manufacturable and validated Technical Data Package, along with Source Approval Request, or SAR, documentation and submission to the appropriate engineering authority in accordance with our AS9100D quality procedures.


From here we move onto Gate 3 where we have the technical authority review and customer sign off on the TDP, and engineering authority Source Approval.


Gates 4 & 5 are exciting – it is delivery of the first article for evaluation and testing! It may be an iterative prototype, a true first article, or even low rate production, depending on the customer’s requirements and DMSMS urgency. With the customer’s final inspection and testing approval we move to the final Gate 6: Full Rate Production! Using the technical data, material sources, work instructions and processes created earlier, Parts Life fulfills our motto and mission: Obsolescence is solved, the warfighter is supported with available and mission-ready assets, and the taxpayer appreciates an efficient and cost-effective solution to maintain expensive assets.


Parts Life, Inc. is a certified AS9100D engineering service provider, manufacturer, and alternate source supplier for DMSMS and obsolete replacement components on military systems and subsystems. Our value-added reverse engineering processes address missing or incomplete technical data needed prior to manufacturing. Services, such as R.O.P.E.® (Rapid Obsolescence Planning and Execution) and 5R® (Reverse Engineering, Remanufacturing, Recertify, Repair, Replicate) deliver manufacturable data with source approval to manufacture replacement parts. In our Prototype Integration Facility, parts and components are manufactured and tested for form, fit, and function to ensure each piece meets and surpasses OEM requirements. Our electronic, electric, and electrical manufacturing capabilities include wiring harnesses and electronic test sets.




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