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STEM Initiative: Parts Life, Inc. Interns Home for the Holidays

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Press Release December 27th, 2017

Media contact: Chris Small,

As part of the STEM Initiative, Parts Life, Inc. created an internship program for college students where they can work for the organization to gain first-hand experience in manufacturing and engineering. Parts Life, Inc. is committed to helping students elevate their STEM related skills by providing an environment where they are challenged to think critically, and use Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to accomplish tasks. Over the summer, 6 students participated in the program. A few of those students returned home for the holidays to work with the company for a few days. We had the chance to catch up with Patrick Swenson to see how things are going:

Q: What have you accomplished since we last saw you? A: "I finished my first senior semester, started my senior capstone which is a volleyball launcher. The volleyball launcher will have a functioning prototype by the end of my senior year."

Q: What are some short term goals that you'd like to accomplish? A: "Finishing my senior capstone and having a fully functional prototype. I'd also like to get a job in my desired field upon graduation."

Q: What have you accomplished since we last saw you? A: "While working at Parts Life, I have learned about axel seals and the capabilities they need to have depending on their application. I've also learned how to enhance my critical thinking when encountering any problem."



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