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Servant Leadership - Sam Thevanayagam Keynote Speaker

Press Release September 14th, 2017

Media contact: Chris Small,

Sam Thevanayagam, President and CEO of Parts Life, Inc. was asked to speak at the Burlington County Chamber of Commerce General Membership Luncheon on September 13th. During the event, Sam shared some unique insights into servant leadership from his own leadership experience. He also explored the thought: Is tough love a part of being a servant leader?

Sam Thevanayagam is a gifted communicator, motivator and entrepreneur who speaks globally to aspiring leaders, students, underdogs, beginners, and outliers helping them realize their God-given potential and to see opportunities in unexpected places.

If you were unable to enjoy the session live, you can watch it here.

Check out the site at, and be sure to like and follow @samtnetwork on social media for upcoming events, updates, and resources.

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