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Sam Thevanayagam Keynote Speaker at RCBC Celebration of Diversity and Culture

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Press Release January 23rd, 2018

Media contact: Chris Small,

Moorestown, NJ - In recognition of Black History Month, President and CEO Sam Thevanayagam was the Keynote Speaker at Rowan College at Burlington County during their Celebration of Diversity and Culture event. Sam had the opportunity to speak to the students, faculty, and staff on the topics of resiliency and resolve. Having moved from Sri Lanka to the US at the age of 22, Sam faced challenges over the years that ultimately led to the development of his multimillion dollar organization, Parts Life, Inc. To parallel his personal experiences, Sam spoke of a few strong influencers from the Black Community: Carl Lewis, Nelson Mandela, and Katherine Johnson. He noted that in spite of their difficult circumstances, they chose to persevere, and the result of their work continues to affect our culture today. Sam also used the biblical analogy of Zacchaeus to further drive home the lesson of never letting one"s circumstances keep them from achieving their goals.

Renee Liciaga gave a powerful and outstanding performance to open the event

Sam Thevanayagam at the Celebration of Diversity and Culture Event at Rowan College at Burlington

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