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PLI Enters Manufacturing Licensing Agreement with Pratt & Whitney for Components on TF33

Congratulations to the Parts Life, Inc. team for entering a licensing agreement with Pratt & Whitney to manufacture components for the TF33 engine.

The TF33 is the engine that powers the B-52 strategic bomber which remains a critical system in the defense of our nation. Parts Life continues to narrow the strategic gap that exists between sustaining legacy systems (like the 60 year old B-52) and the introduction of new systems, through its people, process & products.

“Critical collaboration is required between the U.S. Air Force, the Defense Logistics Agency and Prat & Whitney to pull this off” said President and CEO Sam Thevanayagam. Thevanayagam and his team have been in the forefront of creating innovative, timely supply solutions to the DoD.



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