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Press Release June 15, 2015

Media contact: Chris Small,

Sheila Harris-Adams VP Business Development at Parts Life, Inc. was invited by the Burlington County Freeholders and Rowen at Burlington County College to be part of workforce development event for leaders in Manufacturing and Advanced Manufacturing industry. The Freeholders and RCBC continue to seek of input from the industry as they understand it is vital to improving workforce development training and educational services.

The overreaching goal of this event was to develop a pipeline of skilled workers to fulfill manufacturing needs and to grow the advanced manufacturing economy in our region.

Joining Ms. Harris-Adams was Rick Pacitti VP & GM at Parts Life, Inc. and leaders from Lockheed Martin, NAVAIR LKE and other manufacturing leaders from the region. Also in attendance were several Freeholders and Leaders from RCBC. Dr. David Spang from RCBC and Mark Remsa from Burlington County Bridge Commission were instrumental in putting this event together.

Ms. Harris-Adams has partnered with the Freeholders, BCIT, RCBS and the Burlington County Bridge Commission on various initiatives as she is passionate about the empowerment of the next generation workforce. She is a voice in the region encouraging of industry partnerships with colleges and universities. “The value of strong industry/higher education partnerships is immeasurable. Everyone wins! That includes the colleges and universities, the industry and the students! I can confidently say the colleges and universities in our region understand the value of industry involvement. These partnerships foster the collaboration of industry driven curriculums. This helps ensure that our colleges and universities are offering programs that ultimately prepare students to meet the needs of the industry upon graduation. Additionally these partnerships allow for shared teaching opportunities. For example just last semester we were asked to teach a lesson during a Marketing class at Burlington County College. Students were really excited to be able to not only learn from us but we were able to help them to understand how the principles they were learning in class were actually relevant in a real world setting. On the other side of the coin these partnerships also give industry access to the talent pool available at the local colleges. In our case we have been able to hire interns and full-time employees because of our partnerships with BCC.”



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