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Parts Life had a productive semi-annual strategic planning meeting!

Parts Life, Inc., DeVal Lifecycle Support and LC Engineers, Inc had a productive semi-annual strategic planning meeting with our Leadership Team & Strategic Account Managers last week.

We talked about our capture and scaling strategies for the next 18 months.

Our President and CEO, Sam Prakash Thevanayagam, presented a thought on Gideon an old Testament Warrior who God used to defeat the enemies of his people. Some takeaways that are relevant today;

1. We are ready when God tells us we are. We go when God says we go 2. Numbers are not important to God. He gets the glory when the odds are overwhelmingly against us 3. We need to take down the idols of self confidence, qualification, past performance and individual talent & capability and trust God 4. God wants us to sacrifice unto Him. #entrepreneurship #stewardship #vision



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