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Jeannie Whitfield: Promotion to Director of Market Insight and Business Intelligence

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Press Release February 17th, 2017

Media contact: Chris Small,

Jeannie Whitfield has been a key member of the Parts Life team since 2014. She received a Bachelors from Temple University and an MBA from Louisiana State University. Starting her Parts Life career as a Business Development Specialist, she worked to research, identify, and go after opportunities for the organization. In her new role as Director of Market Insight and Business Intelligence, her goal is to expand on that research, while gaining a better understanding of the current market. Additionally, she will be identifying expansion opportunities for Parts Life, Inc. Congratulations Jeannie!

eannie Whitfield (2nd from the left) with son Derrick Whitfield (Left) and parents Patty & Jerry McConnell (Right) at the Parts Life, Inc. 10 Year Anniversary Celebration where Jeannie was recognized and given a promotion to Director of Market Insight and Business Intelligence.



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