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Counterfeit Mitigation Approach - #canningcounterfeit

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Press Release July 16, 2018

Media contact: Rachel,

Moorestown, NJ - Sometimes getting a "good deal" isn't really a good deal at all! You know what we're talking about. Picture the scene: Driving home from the flea market Steve thinks to himself, "I can't I believe I got that cologne for such a good price!" He gets home, rips open the sleek box, and gets a whiff of something completely unexpected. "Wait a minute, this isn't Tom Ford's Oud Eau de Parfum. I got ripped off–I can't believe I wasted my money on this!" We've all been there, wanting to get the most bang for our buck! The problem is, you get what you pay for, and sometimes it's more beneficial to pay full price knowing without a doubt that your product has a stamp of approval on it.

Our team takes the issue of counterfeit parts/components very seriously! It could mean the failure of components, and the potential loss of life in a critical situation. Parts Life, Inc. understands the risks of allowing counterfeit items to pass through our doors. In keeping with AS9100D standards, our team utilizes effective internal processes and systems to address these issues. Parts Life, Inc. is committed to identifying and eliminating the largest areas of risk while maintaining a database of counterfeit part mitigation activity. This ensures that our customers never have to worry about getting conned like Steve! Our purchasing department ensures that all items procured on the independent market are placed with Parts Life approved independent distributors and vetted through the Supplier Evaluation Process. With this understanding, you can take comfort in knowing that if we ever sold you Tom Ford's Oud Eau de Parfum, it would be the real deal!



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