Parts Life Manufacturing Enterprise (PLME)

     Meeting the specific challenges of parts supply and service for aging/obsolete platforms often requires a very unique, non-traditional production capability. To address this challenge, the technical capabilities of a parts obsolescence supplier must cross over multiple engineering, manufacturing, testing and quality disciplines. Fabrication capabilities must accommodate production runs from "one off" rapid prototypes, to low rate initial production (LRIP), to full scale production/low cost production runs adhering to AS9100C quality management standards. The supplier must perform flawlessly whether the finished part is delivered to you, or a complete build to print technical data package is provided and made ready for your sourcing. 

     Conventional engineering and manufacturing companies, though usually very skilled and efficient in a very narrow set of core competencies, are not equipped to handle the exceptionally elastic requirements of rapid development of working prototypes, manufacturing and/or repair of complex electronic and mechanical systems, or performing robust systems testing (eg, environmental, stress or nondestructive testing) of the finished goods.


     The Parts Life Manufacturing Enterprise was built from the ground-up to specifically meet the distinctive cost, quality and schedule requirements of the program buyer.  We deliberately sidestepped the conventional manufacturing model and heavily invested in the flexible and configurable competences that your difficult sourcing challenges require, always while maintaining an impeccable standard in quality, performance and on time delivery.   We’ve brought together a wide spectrum of engineering, manufacturing, and test capabilities under the umbrella of the Parts Life Management and Quality System.  Our agile manufacturing group is  trained and certified in the latest  manufacturing techniques with concurrent quality management, and assures you have the capabilities and capacity you need when you need them, at the overall best value.


     Our central hub of operations is the Prototype Integration Facility (PIF), which is located in Southern, NJ.   It is the single point of product management and customer contact for the Parts Life Manufacturing Enterprise.  It houses our corporate engineering, quality, prototype fabrication and project management operations for the entire organization. 


     The Parts Life Manufacturing Enterprise is a partnership of 10 closely connected facilities located in the US and around the world.  We have over: 224,500 square feet of manufacturing space and engineering labs, and over 165 major manufacturing systems for specialized measurement, fabrication and testing with many supporting tools and gauges. We will continue to add operations, as our customers require.  We have ISO 9001: 2015 and AS9100D certifications and are able to remanufacture, repair or fabricate new replacement components and entire sub-assemblies in a wide range of NAICS categories.