Parts Life, Inc. Moves to Moorestown New Jersey

Press Release
May 15, 2015

Moorestown, NJ – Parts Life, Inc. has officially moved to a new location in Moorestown, NJ and opened the Parts Life, Inc. Prototype Integration Facility. This milestone was celebrated with a ribbon cutting event on Thursday night. Members of the community, local business owners, and dignitaries were invited to join the Parts Life, Inc. team as a new chapter began for the local defense contractor. CEO Sam Thevanayagam received a proclamation from Senator Diane Allen during the event.

CEO Sam Thevanayagam and Senator Diane Allen during the Ribbion Cutting
Parts Life, Inc. CEO Sam Thevanayagam and Senator Diane Allen during the Ribbon Cutting.
Members of the Parts Life Inc.
Members of the Parts Life, Inc. team: (L to R) John Welsh, Chris Small, Jeannie Whitfield, Cecilia Lewin, Rick Pacitti, Sam Thevanayagam, Sheila Harris-Adams, Meredee Parsons, Dave Parsons, Jessica Hooker.

Founded in 2007, Parts Life Inc. provides life cycle sustainment management and supply chain solutions that extend the life of expensive military mission critical assets. Clients include the U.S. Army, Dept. of the Navy, and department of the Air Force as well as the Defense Logistics Agency, prime military contractors, and key players in the automotive, aerospace and construction equipment industries.

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